Great Fire of London
Suitable for KS1 & KS2. Your class will:
• Sequence events leading up to the Great Fire of London.
• Describe the dangers of fire and how to stay safe.
• Investigate how fire spreads, using the fire of London as a case study.
• Construct a model of a London townhouse.
• Make bread and bake using traditional techniques.
• Construct a simple wooden shelter.

Outdoor Living and Fire
Your class will:
• Learn about traditional living and people’s long-standing connection with nature.
• Demonstrate traditional shelter building techniques.
• Discuss the dangers and benefits of fire.
• Describe how to be safe around fire.
• Explain how humans have used natural resources to survive in the past.

Stone Age Britain
Suitable for KS1 & KS2. Your class will:
• Explore a simple chronology and identify changes in living conditions.
• Construct simple tools using natural resources.
• Create a simple water bowl from clay for cooking.
• Describe the dangers of fire, how to stay safe and its uses in Stone Age Britain.
• Create pictures from natural materials.
• Construct a simple wooden shelter using traditional techniques

Changes over time
Your class will:
• Investigate changes over time – farming, beliefs, language and housing.
• Explore the Anglo-Saxon village and describe changes in building style and technique.
• Create a charm necklace as part of an introduction to pagan beliefs.
• Discover how language has changed from runes to modern English.
• Explore the Herb Garden and investigate how plants were used.
• Observe animals and discuss how farming has changed.

Significant people: The Venerable Bede
Your class will:
• Learn about the daily life of this religious leader, scholar, author and scientist.
• Visit the very church where Bede prayed and explore the grounds where he lived and studied.
• Re-enact a church service from Bede’s time (optional).
• Understand the long-term impacts of Bede’s works, and how they still affect modern life.
• Create a variety of crafts to enhance learning

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