Electricity and Energy
Suitable for KS1 & KS2 only. Your class will:
• Investigate how to stay safe around electricity.
• Think critically about electricity generation and differentiate between renewable and non-renewable.
• Explore how electricity is transferred from where it is generated to users.
• Make and race a solar powered car.

Climate and Energy Sustainability
Suitable for KS2 only. Your class will:
• Examine the link between carbon dioxide and climate change.
• Evaluate their own energy consumption and relate this to global environmental challenges.
• Discuss climate change and its effect on the environment.
• Look at practical ways of reducing energy consumption at home and at school

Your class will:
• Understand that weather, wildlife activity, plants and flowers all vary throughout the year as the seasons change.
• Identify our 5 senses and use them to explore the current season in different ways.
• Discover signs in nature that the seasons are changing.
• Complete natural craft activities.

Waste and Recycling
Your class will:
• Learn about waste management through games and team activities and crafts.
• Explore what can be recycled through discussion and demonstration.
• Understand the economic, social and environmental benefits of recycling.
• Demonstrate re-use of waste materials

Your class will:
• Hunt for minibeasts in woodlands and meadows.
• Pond dip for water-living creatures.
• Examine similarities and differences between minibeasts.
• Identify different types of minibeasts such as spiders, butterflies, woodlice.
Minibeasts can be run as a 2 hour session, or can be expanded into a full day on one of the following

• Identify habitats in the UK and abroad.
• Explore the differences between habitats and the effect this has on the plants and animals that live

Life Cycles
• Learn about life cycles through games, stories and outdoor exploration.
• Discover real life examples of different life stages.

•Classify animals and more into different groups.
• Produce a key for identifying different minibeasts.

Your class will:
• Explore their surroundings to learn about different plants
• Outline the life cycle of a plant.
• Identify the conditions a seed needs to enable it to grow and plant a seed.
• Investigate the different parts of a plant and their purposes.
• Discuss human uses of a range of plants.

“Excellent day, with enthusiastic staff. Very well organised and resourced. A great way to link our science topic with outdoor learning”

Carr Hill Primary, 2017
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